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Illegal racers or ‘mat rempit’ is actually a Malaysian term for an individual who participates in illegal racing. The illegal racers usually will perform crazy stunts for fun such as the wheelie, lying flat on the seat and standing on the seat with one leg during wheelie. These illegal racers will race on the road or highways and irritates other road users. Meanwhile, legal races usually have their own license and will race in a circuit and will not race with a group in the road or highways. They find the excitement and happiness by joining illegal racing. They will start breaking the law by increasing their speed n exits the normal limit. They will assume themselves as cool if they escape from the police and by breaking the laws.

The main reason for the youngsters to involve in the illegal racing is because they seek the excitement in their boring life. The youngsters who are in the peak of boredom will hang around with their friends and start to involve in illegal racing. They find the happiness and get popularity among their friends when they start to do something illegal! This happens when because the parents do not bother about their children doing for the most of times, these types of parents are so busy with their own working life, earns money and being so materialistic. Furthermore, the busy parents do not have enough time to spend with their children and let the children to do things as they wish. The kids usually will not have enough useful activities to do and they start to hang around with their friends at the road side and that is the starting point where the youngsters involve in the illegal racing.

The illegal racers exposed to dangerous when they involve in the illegal racing. First and foremost, they could bang by some other vehicles. They also pose the danger to the road pedestrians. They often obstruct traffic low. They ride fast and suddenly appear from nowhere in between cars on the road. This causes other drivers to slam their brakes...

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Street racing: On The Inside

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For 19-year-old Jeff, weekends begin on a long strip of highway near Atlanta. rather than browsing the mall or going to the movies like others his age. Jeff joins a group of his comrades and spectators to witness a spectacular show of speed. As we pulled up to the meeting spot he looks over at me and says, “Welcome to the world of illegal street racing.”
"We have a cruising area where all the cars go and just chill. If someone wants to race," says Jeff, "they just ask...most of our races are with people you know pretty well...we don't have the major race nights like they have in other areas." The other areas Jeff refers to are about as common as can be and can probably be found on a straightaway near you. "Motorsports has made incredible progress as a legitimate sporting event in the last decade," says Editorial Director of NHRA Publications Phil Burgess. "Corporate America has taken a keen interest in motorsports, which has led to the proliferation of not just racing teams, but racing venues, where racers and fans can go to enjoy the fast-paced excitement that the varied forms of racing have to offer. Many sanctioning bodies offer grassroots-level racing, often where families can enter a race car literally off the street and compete against similar entries."
Contrary to popular belief, street racing isn't only found on the fast moving streets of the major cities, its going on all over the country. Recent articles published on report on street drag racing as an increasing problems in such out of the way places as Spokane, Washington and Forth Worth, Texas; other articles found on report on accidents and coverage of events in Washington D.C., Boston and New York City. Los Angeles County is a big street racing scene however, was recently given a $200,000 state grant to crack down on the illegal street racing activity. Penalties for racing vary from state to state and offense to offense, but can range from a slap on the wrist ticket to arrest and impounding of the vehicle as was the case last January when police in Sylmar-Sun Valley arrested 32 people and impounded 72 vehicles after a sweep. With such heavy impending penalties why would anyone set themselves up for what seems imminent trouble?
"Everyone's got a hobby," says Jeff. "And this just happens to be mine.

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Why? Because it gets your blood flowing to your head, you get this amazing rush when you know you just beat your quarter mile time and you whupped up on that Civic next to you.” "Hardcore street racers enjoy every minute of it, and they love the risk involved,” The sport isn't only popular in the United States, either. Adam, 20, a racer from Australia who I’ve talked to online says that his reasons for racing may be a bit different from kids just starting out with racing. "I do it for the sound and noise of racing and the speed. It’s a hobby and its competitive to have the fastest car, the most powerful car and the best looking and loudest car. But, I'm in it for the cash too." Other kids though, explains Adam, see the thrill in racing being illegal. "Kids think that its cool because the cops don't want them to be there," continued Adam "...they think its cool that they get chased out, and that it’s breaking the law. They see cops and they run, and that's fun." "I do think that younger kids who street race (also know as newbies) do like the might get caught thrill factor." "That is, until they receive countless tickets, and realize that the punishment for the next ticket will not be a simple slap on the wrist." A 24-year old racer from Duluth, who wished to remain unidentified, gave his reason for racing as the adrenaline rush one receives when maximizing his vehicle's capabilities. "People get involved in this sport for the same reason they jump out of planes or climb mountains...there are no words to describe the feeling of pushing a car to its limits." But do some racers take their search for thrill too far?
Some say yes, and in fact the irresponsibility of others has scared some racers legal. 21 year old Jennifer has been active in street racing for four years and began as a spectator at various races in Atlanta. Although she currently races on tracks (legally) in Reynolds, GA, she got her start driving competitively against others that had far more experience than she did. "It was my first night dragging, and I ran a 16.0 (second) quarter mile, which beat a guy in a Mustang. It really made that guy angry, and he started screaming at me on the track," She says with a chuckle. "That only fired me up more to race because I was still pretty young, and thought it was more important to show girls could race...more important than the fact that I did well." She says that while she understands the attraction to the sport, she also recognizes that some racers don't take dangerous circumstances into consideration. "Its fun to drive fast and feel all that power, but I don't think that everyone factors in outside elements like pedestrians, other drivers, even road conditions." "I think that everyone believes they can handle the car, but even so, racing should be kept in a controlled area, like the track."
However alluring the speed and the rush maybe, many racers are quick to point out that the most important thing to remember is to be safe while driving. The overall consensus of racers interviewed was that the sport loses its fun when racers act irresponsibly. "I like to be as law abiding as possible," says Marit Lee. "I don't street race because its exciting and illegal; I street race because the only 2 legal tracks I can go to are overcrowded, 2-4 hours away, and rarely open." David, a 22 year old driver turned spectator moved from Florida to Georgia, and cited a big difference in the quality of racing since the time when he was a driver. Although still pursuing his interest in racing, David says that the drastic change in racing from when he raced until now has him a bit scared. "When I started racing, there were always people who would do things to show off - burn tires, race around a parking lot, blare their audio systems...whatever," David says. "But after getting adjusted to everything I found that there were other groups that tried to stay away from those people." The message? Street racers still worry about the safety of themselves and others. He continued, "They wanted safer racing, if people can believe that, and not to be associated with those who were idiots about it." Many racers share the same opinion. "I'm not going to say that the danger doesn't thrill me," says Jennifer, "It does. But what is thrilling is when you're active in the sport responsibly. When you see someone doing something that is just plain stupid, it takes all the thrill out of racing; what racers don't like is that those people are the only ones who get any recognition." It seems that despite what many believe to be true about street racers isn't so. Many aren't into the sport just to act dangerously; they do it for the rush; they don't like to be seen as punks with fast cars, and they don't like those who give the sport a bad name. "Its when people get hurt or killed that negative publicity about the activity comes out," added David. "The sport thrills me, and when it starts to scare me, I won't go anymore."
As David describes it, a typical race night involves more than just showing up with your car. "After the strip was discussed, people would go to the beginning and end of the strip with walkie talkies to radio back and forth when it was clear to send the next set of cars," says David knowingly. "People would direct cars where to park, so they wouldn't get in the way and cause and accident. That is organized racing," he adds with a reassuring nod.
It seems that although speed attracts people to illegal racing, the drivers themselves have to love the sport to pursue it. They are serious improving their performance and modifying their car’s capabilities to become the best they can be, and are not afraid to try and prove it. However, they are UNstereotypically very concerned for the safety and well being of the people participating and watching the race. "Its been going on for generations and it will continue," says David, "the only problem is that as popularity grows there will be more people to mess up the scene and cause people to be hurt or killed...and that's a shame."

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