Sawyer Associates Case Study


I applied through an employee referral. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Cambridge Associates, LLC (Boston, MA) in December 2013.


There were two interviews, the first is a basic 30 minute screen and then a second super-day interview which consisted of four 30 minute interviews. Overall the technical questions were relatively easy especially if you have a business/finance background.

One major critique, their HR recruiters for this role are pretty lost in the weeds and do not respond to emails or calls. They agreed to reimburse me $300 for travel expenses for the super day, it has been seven weeks and I still have not been paid back. I even Fedexed HR another copy of my expenses and they ignored it. Also, when I finally heard back from HR they told me that I was qualified and they would have made an offer but they had already extended all offers for the class and that they kept interviewing until all offers were extended. I am a bit annoyed that they wasted my time and especially because I did so much prep work all with no chance from the beginning. This is a company with a great reputation and I would have really liked to work there, however treating candidates in this way is unacceptable and unfair.

Interview Questions

  • Know about sharpe ratio, correlation and Standard Deviation. Also, there is a basic case study during the super day & a two minute presentation   Answer Question
Cambridge Associates, LLC 2014-01-27 17:41 PST

A Democrat, Mr. Sawyer worked only for Democratic candidates, but he had no problem dispensing advice to big corporate clients, including Coca-Cola, Apple Computer, Goldman Sachs, Time Warner and Resorts International.

Colleagues, headed by Scott Miller, bought out Mr. Sawyer's ownership interest in his firm, which had a staff of 40, in 1993. In that same year he opened a political-economic consulting firm called the G.7 Group. By this time there were more than 200 political consulting firms across the country and more than 3,000 people working in the field.

David Haskell Sawyer was born June 13, 1936, in Boston. After earning a bachelor of arts degree at Princeton University in 1959, he made documentary films, working in the cinema verite genre with Frederick Wiseman and Richard Leacock. One film dealt with rural poverty in Maine. Another feature, "Other Voices," about mental health patients, was nominated in 1970 for an Academy Award for best documentary. He was drawn into political consulting in the early 1970's in Illinois, where he did some film work for an elected official.

He is survived by his wife, the former Nell Michel; a son, Luke, and two stepsons, Andrew and Gavin McFarland, all of New York; his mother, Mrs. Edward Brewer of Hartford; a brother, Edward of Cleveland, and a sister, Penny Sawyer, of New York.

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