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Motivation is defined as the psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction (Kreitner, 1995). Motivation is an employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm that causes an employee to decide to take action. If you consider your assignment project as an important factor and want to create an impressive quality assignment, without doubt, employee motivation assignment help is there to assist you in every step of writing and learning. Get employee motivation assignment help at the best rate in the industry.

Significance of motivating your employees

Employee motivation assignment help considers the significance of motivation. In today’s ‘down’ economy, motivated employee is a productive employee. Highly motivated staff helps to achieve the business goals even when the economy is down.

  • Our employee motivation assignment help providers analyze ‘motivation plans’ that not only encourage but also retain the best employee for your business.
  • When an employer is stressed out, disinterested and unmotivated, it is natural that the employees do not feel good about the job. Our employee motivation assignment help service highlights the various signs of enthusiasm of employers in this aspect.
  • Employees always want to feel that they fit in the job profile and serve the organization correctly. They seek face-to-face feedback from their managers. Formal reviews constitute the significant part of our employee motivation assignment help 

So avail employee motivation assignment help to understand the significance of motivating your employees.

Factors to encourage motivation

There are certain factors that a company should review while creating motivation strategies for its employees. You can avail employee motivation assignment help for further detailed knowledge. Here is a brief overview of the factors.

  • Effective management and leadership plans that encourage employees. These are composed in our employee motivation assignment help
  • Transparent and regular communication among departments about factors that employees treat as important.
  • Treat employees with respect.
  • Reward the employees for their good performance regularly.
  • The employees should be given feedback and coaching from managers and leaders. We explain the ways in our employee motivation assignment help
  • The level of benefits and compensation should be above industry-average.
  • Provide employees with perks and company activities.

Students seeking employee motivation assignment help should be well-versed with positive management of employees within a successful framework of goals, measurement and clear expectations. For sample motivation research papers, contact us.

Four drives that underline motivation

There are four drives that control the human brain. The satisfaction level of these drives directly affects the emotions by extension behavior. If you want to include the four drive employee motivation concept within your employee motivation term paper, you can acquire assistance from our employee motivation assignment help experts.

  1. The drive to acquire: We are all driven to acquire scarce goods that bolster our sense of well-being. This drive applies not only to physical goods like food, clothing, housing and money but also pleasure from traveling and entertainment. Employee motivation assignment help involves events that improve the social status. For example, promotion, getting an exclusive cubicle or place in the corporate board. It is common that we tend to compare what we have with what others possess. So this drive is responsible for explaining why people always care not just about their own compensation packages but others’ as well. Students seeking employee motivation assignment help should be well-versed with this.


  • The drive to bond: Bonding is depicted as a major human quality in employee motivation assignment help. Unlike animals, humans extend their connection to larger collectives such as organizations, associations and nations. When this requirement is fulfilled, it results strong positive emotion like love and care, if not it leaves with negatives ones like loneliness and depression. In workplace, the drive to bond plays a significant role in motivating employees. Employee motivation assignment help highlights the pride of employees. They feel proud belonging to the organization. Professional employee motivation assignment help guide on formation of attachments to larger collectives sometimes leads the employees to care more for the organization than about their local group in it.


  1. The drive to comprehend: The significance of “drive to comprehend” is better defined in our employee motivation assignment help. In workplace, the employees also desire to make a meaningful contribution to the organization. The employees can be motivated by the challenges in the job and chances to grow and learn. Employee motivation thesis adds, the drive inspires the talented employees to leave their stagnant jobs and look forward to some new challenges. Make a substantial change in your grade with our employee motivation assignment help.
  1. The drive to defend: This has a major contribution in your employee motivation assignment help Human instincts always lead people to defend themselves, their properties and accomplishments, family and friends, their ideas and beliefs. If this drive is fulfilled, people gain the feeling of security and confidence, if not it leads to negative emotions like fear and resentment. According to the employee motivation assignment help providers, one day an employee can be appreciated for his/her high performance, and on the next day he/she may be let go owing to a restructuring. As a consequence, the employee drives to defend.

Effective models of employee motivation

To fulfill the four drives in motivation, the company should develop research-based organizational motivation strategies. Employee motivation assignment help experts consider the best four ways to motivate employees in the organization.

  • The reward system: Employee motivation assignment help is highly concerned with reward system. The employees should be rewarded according to their performance. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) finds a special mention in our employee motivation assignment help material as it offers a reward system where the managers are responsible for specific goals and rewarded for good performance over average performance.
  • Culture: Employee motivation assignment help experts suggest the most effective way for employee motivation is maintaining a good work culture that should endorse teamwork, collaboration, openness and friendship. There should be a new structure that encourage the people to break old attachments and from new bonds. Employee motivation assignment help experts include this example: The executive committees of RBS and Natwest (with which it integrated) meet every Monday morning to discuss and resolve the outstanding issues.
  • Job design: To satisfy the drive to comprehend, the organization should design jobs that are meaningful, interesting and challenging. Consider the example depicted by our employee motivation assignment help RBS took a hard-nosed attitude toward expenses during its integration of NatWest and it nonetheless invested heavily in a state-of–the-art business school facility, adjacent to its corporate campus to which its employees have access. Highly qualified employee motivation assignment help experts analyze the strategy that not only gained success in fulfilling the drive to bond, but also challenged the employees to think broadly to contribute making a difference among co-workers, customers and investors.


  • Performance management and resource allocation processes: Organizations should implement fair, trustworthy and transparent process for performance management and resource allocation that help to meet employees’ drive to defend. For example, RBS has worked hard to implement effective and transparent decision process. Employee motivation assignment help experts analyze surveys of RBS and its employees to report that the process is fair and transparent.


You can avail employee motivation assignment help online from us to understand the models effectively.

Top 5 ways to show appreciation to employees

Appreciation is the most effective way to motivate employees, according to our employee motivation assignment experts.

  • Praise something that your co-worker has done well. To do so, you need to identify the specific actions that you found admirable. You will find a number of actions in our employee motivation assignment help
  • According to the employee motivation assignment help experts, ‘Thank you’ is short-term but very effective. Say thank you for showing your appreciation to the employees for their hard work and contributions. Don’t forget to say please often as well. A more gracious and polite workplace is appreciated by all.
  • You build a bond with the co-workers, asking them about families, their hobbies, their weekend or a special event they attended. Well, our employee motivation assignment help service has solution for this too.
  • You as an employer should know your co-worker’s interest well enough to present a small gift occasionally. This gift would the best gesture of appreciation.

Our employee motivation assignment help includes all the above in information in a detailed manner. If you want employee motivation assignment help, you can get immediate assistance from us. 

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Jodie: How to get motivated and smash out that assignment!

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Jodie completed her Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching (Primary) with USQ in 2015 and is now a qualified teacher passionate about holistic education for all children. When not hiking or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, you'll find her relaxing with a good book or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

I love to study and I love to learn, but let’s face it, assignments can be a bit of a drag. Yes, I enjoy the intellectual challenge, but the stress of getting the task done on time and demonstrating my knowledge adequately to the marker can sometimes get the best of me. I’ve successfully completed numerous assignments to date so I know it will be ok in the end, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling under pressure every time, right up until I hit that ‘submit’ button.

So, is all this pressure and stress worth it in the end? Yes! Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded by a great grade (hopefully!). But while the knowledge and experience you gain from putting assignments together are great motivators in themselves, I also love to reward myself further with unrelated rewards to keep me energised throughout the process of writing my assignments.

How rewards work

There is actually theory behind the benefits of using rewards to motivate yourself. According to neuroscientist, Schultz, rewards are ‘objects or events that make individuals come back for more and promote behavioural choices that maximize them’. What this means is that rewards reinforce behaviours or decisions. For example, you are more likely to work hard to achieve your goal because you want the reward you know is available upon completion of the task or work. Using a reward system as a motivational strategy also helps you beat procrastination tendencies (which I am often very guilty of) and helps you maintain energy levels when otherwise you might feel like calling it quits. 

Types of motivating rewards

Rewarding yourself don’t necessarily mean you have to spend money, your reward just needs to be something positive that you know will motivate you to do the hard work you need to. When selecting your reward, think of something that is of value to you. I like to do something I don’t have much time for during semester, such as catching up on my favourite TV shows (e.g. Orange is the New Black or Covert Affairs), chatting with friends online who live far away or reading a book I’ve wanted to get stuck into. You might prefer to go for a massage or spend the night online gaming – choose whatever it is that will motivate YOU!

Smaller rewards lead to bigger rewards

And if you’re really struggling to get your assignment done and that reward upon finishing seems like it will never come, reward yourself along the way. Break everything you have to do for your assignment up into segments or smaller tasks and plan smaller rewards for completing each of those. It could be a delicious mocha once you’ve got the basic outline of your assignment planned or a walk in your garden to stretch your legs after doing the necessary background reading. Again, it’s important to choose rewards that will motivate you. With these smaller rewards, aim to make them less time consuming – your ultimate goal is, of course, to get the assignment finished (and get that big reward).

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work and smash out your next assignment. Remember, those relaxing, fun and delicious study rewards are waiting for you!

 For more advice on how to stay on track with your study, check out Emma's 3 strategies to motivate yourself and achieve your goals!


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