Assignment 5 Capstone Project

Capstone – Samsung Corp. Impact of the company’s mission, vision, and primary stakeholders on its overall success Samsung vision is to be constantly innovating technologies, products and solutions to inspire communities around the globe. Since its beginning Samsung has grown to be a global information technology leader that manages more than 200 subsidiaries globally ( (1), 2013). Samsung has its full commitment in innovations, it has adopted a multi-pronged approach that links to: global consortiums that helps resolves important issues, top universities that creates value for the potential future, synergy with equipment and materials vendors, to better control manufacture and quality, and overseas research centers to increase its volume of research and development operations ( (2), 2013). Samsung mission can be divided in two overall goals, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is the one that can be measure and is to reach USD 400 billion in sales, o be predominantly number 1 in the global Informational Technological industry and Global top 5 ( (1), 2013). The company has been growing its sales by 17.45% annually for the past 5 years, to a total of $141.21 Billion by the year 2012 (Bloomberg, 2013). If they keep this pace, they are going to meet their sales goal by 2021. Samsung move from 49 th place in 2008 to 4 th place 2012 in top global brand, and still remaining now, making one of the company’s goals already achieved (, 2013). Samsung has established a strong relationship with its stakeholders , targeting each one with different approaches. The company periodically meets with its shareholders where important decisions are made and issues are addressed, for example strengthened compliance management organization, establishing and operating a health research center, etc. Samsung is in direct contact with their customers and employees by making customer satisfaction surveys to create a better costumer relation service. It also is creating employee surveys that made the

the efforts by Starbuck’s corporation to be a responsible and ethical corporation and the impact of these efforts on the corporation is bottom-line. The Impact of the Company’s Mission, Vision, and Primary Stakeholders on Overall Success A mission statement is a company’s beacon light to assist company employees with its navigation. In relations to the organizations customers, it is assurance that the company is committed to the clients’ purpose. A mission statement articulates the front line of the organization and reminds the firm’s partners of how the company would like to be seen by its consumers (Starbucks, 2013). In Starbuck’s mission statement states that top executives at Starbucks understand the link between the significance of research and development. This implication is clear in the words of its mission statement. “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world, while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow” (Starbucks Corporation, 2010). Their vision statement recognizes the means of setting a central goal that Starbucks aspire to reach, that ambition has altered the company’s vision over the years. For example, Charles Shultz envisioned the company operating 2000 stores within the United States by the year 2000. Unfortunately, that objective was not possible due to the risk the company undertook. After rethinking the company’s inherent worth, a simplified vision of, “being the most recognized coffee bean house in the world” became Starbucks mental picture; and today, Starbucks Corporation holds the title as such (Starbucks Corporation, 2010). Starbucks desire as the leader in the specialty coffee industry is to be acknowledged for its responsibility to coffee farmers and their families to improve their well-being. The corporation’s primary stakeholders are broad organizations such as, coffee trade associations, suppliers, and groups with interest in sustainable coffee production. Including non-profit groups focused on human rights, social justice, and

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