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Water-themed expansion Naval Strike is now available to Battlefield gamers across all platforms, bringing another dash of high-octane action on four all new multiplayer maps. Along with the new playgrounds come the familiar assignments bundled with, offering either a nifty dogtag or weapon as an award for completion.

Some might be straight forward tasks that will have you asking for more, while others take time and effort to complete. Let’s be honest we all want to same thing, so why not check out our walkthrough of all assignments featured in Naval Strike.

Swiss Cheese


  • Three Light Machine Gun ribbons
  • Destroy three vehicles as Support class


The Swiss Cheese assignment won’t cause you too much pain, but for those who haven’t unlocked the firepower needed it can be frustrating. You’ll come across LMG ribbons from playing the game normally, so most of your concentration will go on destroying three vehicles. Having C4 will make your job a lot easier, but if you haven’t unlocked it yet then you can turn to the airburst launcher. While the launcher is ineffective against tanks and other heavily armored vehicles, it can heavily damage quads, rhibs and other small vehicles.

Spawn beacons and T.U.G.S also count as vehicles, so take them down quick if you come across them.

Giant Slayer


  • Reach Rank 10
  • Win 20 Rounds of Carrier Assault


If you’re new to Battlefield 4 then you’ll need to reach rank 10 to complete this assignment. The Carrier Assault game mode is a joy to play and easy to win if you launch with a good team, so the Giant Slayer assignment is probably the easiest of the lot.

Scourge of the Sea


  • 10 Hours on Naval Strike
  • 1 Kills with AA Mine


  • Scourge of the Sea Dog Tag

I hope you enjoy the maps that Naval Strike have on tap as this assignment asked for 10 hours played on the DLC. The other half asks for one kill with the AA Mine which isn’t as easy as you may think. The gadget cannot be picked up after being placed so take care when deploying. Having the AA Mine near an aircraft deployment will also increase your chances of getting a kill.

Death from Below


  • 3 PDW Ribbons
  • Destroy 5 Attack Air Vehicles with Rocket Launchers


While getting three PDW ribbons is a piece if cake, taking down enemy aircrafts certainly isn’t.

Attack air vehicles include Scout Helicopters, Attack Helicopters, Attack Jets and Stealth Jets and you’ll come across plenty on the battlefield. Many have asked if anti-aircraft launchers will add to the tally and they do thankfully, so loadout with that Stinger or IGLA and you’ll have the AA Mine in no time.

Multi Tool


  • 10 Kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher Dart
  • 10 Kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher LVG


Personally my favorite assignment available as it asks for destruction and rewards you with the same. Don’t have to go into much details with this one, just aim your launchers into a good crowd of enemies and let it go to work.

Playing on maps like Silk Road, Dragon’s Pass and other mostly open maps will make your job harder, so use the power of server browser to pick maps with narrow halls and tunnels, allowing for solid impact. Operation Metro would be a good start.

Curve Ball



Getting your mitts on baseball fans we’ve got some throwing to do. Let’s be honest, the RGO Impact isn’t the go to grenade, as it has very low damage to balance the fact it detonates immediately on impact. Persistence is key, eventually you’ll grind out kills from hitting already hurt enemies and playing on narrow maps like I mentioned above.

Always Deadly


  • Sniper Rifle Ribbons
  • 5 C4 Kills on Naval Strike Maps


Thankfully sniper rifles and C4 go hand-in-hand with the Recon setup so switching class wont be a problem. If you are having trouble sniping from a distance then simply change the sight attachments to something small and get up close and personal. Getting the C4 kills on Naval Strike is self-explanatory, get close to boats or cornered enemies and let them have it.

Packing A Punch



Thankfully Naval Strike has an abundance of naval vehicles, from attack boats to hovercrafts( Yes I said hovercrafts), so no excuses if you don’t come across any while playing. There’s many ways of approaching this and really comes down to your style of play. If you enjoy using attack boats and hunting your enemies then go for it, even getting someone to tag along and mark targets for you and simply whip out the Javelin… The world is your oyster and yes I’m aware I referenced a sea creature.

Spare Time Sniper


  • 3 Assault Rifle Ribbons
  • 20 Headshots with Assault Rifles


Assault rifle aficionados rejoice as luck shines upon you this day. This assignment requires only your best marksmanship on the battlefield and notching up those headshots. Play as normal and you’ll be done before you know it.

Titans of Steel


  • Destroy an Objective in Carrier Assault


I don’t know about you guys but the minute I purchased Naval Strike I hopped straight into the new Carrier Assault game mode and instantly began to enjoy the new challenge. If you haven’t a clue how the mode works then follow the link right here to spruce up… We’ll wait…

Ok your back! Now that you have an idea how the destructible objectives work in Carrier Assault, then you know there is a waiting period until the doors open on the enemy carrier. We suggest hugging the door until it opens, then wasting no time arming the M-COM station not far from the door. Be wary though, tactically minded players will be waiting for you on the other side fully loaded.

Phantom Trainee


Premium members only

  • 200 Kills with Pistols
  • 20 Kills with Jets
  • 2 Shotgun Ribbons in a Round


Unfortunately you need to be a Premium member to complete this assignment and it’s quite an unorthodox one at that.

The first task is to complete the requirements above. For the pistols and shotgun ribbons(shotty not included) I suggest playing domination or obliteration, where you come across enemies more frequently. The jet requirement can be completed with a good session of Air Superiority.

This is where it gets weird! After completing the tasks you will need to head over to Battlelog and go to leaderboards and click the bottom left of the page. Once all the text populates, type in “epic dream worlds”(without the quotes) and watch as the screen fills with more text. Congrats you have successfully unlocked the Phantom Trainee assignment.


Hopefully this guide gets you on the way to unlocking all those killer weapons that shipped out with Naval Strike. With more expansions to release for Battlefield 4 we can expect more assignments, which of course us at LzyGmrs will be all over it.

Have you unlocked all the weapons on Naval Strike? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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Battlefield 4: Second Assault Assignments Guide

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Multiplayer assignments in Second Assault DLC are optional objectives for players to complete in order to unlock various awards, including, the DLC weapons. None of these assignments are required for any of the Second Assault DLC trophies, so if you’re only interested in the DLC trophies, please visit my Second Assault Trophy Guide. Any feedback is highly appreciated since some assignments are buggy/glitched.

Please note that in order to be eligible to complete these assignments you must own the DLC and be at least multiplayer rank 10 or 20 (depends on assignment). Also note that some assignments can only be completed on certain DLC maps.

**Important** Whenever assignments are referring to either Caspian or Firestorm towers, they are the tallest tower in each map.
  • The Caspian Border tower is located at D flag in Conquest Large (C flag in CQ Small)
  • The Operation Firestorm tower is located at C flag for both Conquest Small and Large.

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Assignment 1 – Fire Starter

Map specific: Operation Metro/Caspian Border

This one is easy and is related to Torched trophy. Just like when going for the trophy, find old grass in either of the eligible maps and use Engineer’s Repair Tool to start a fire. You have to ignite total of 5 fires in order to complete this assignment.

Reward: Fire Starter "camouflage"

Assignment 2 – Dead Stop

Map specific: Caspian Border

You must get a shotgun ribbon (a single ribbon requires 6 kills with a shotgun in a round) and you have to raise/lower the border gate which are located near B Flag in Conquest Large (A Flag in Conquest Small). Both of these requirements must be done in the same round!

It’s fairly easy, just pick a shotgun of your choice and stick to the flag areas for kills. I suggest avoiding medium/long range fights and instead flank enemies or use cover and wait for the enemies pursue and get close to you. For the gate, just activate the control switch with button to raise/lower it.

Reward: DAO-12 (Shotgun)

Assignment 3 – Express Train

Map specific: Operation Metro

For this assignment you must get:
  1. an Assault Rifle ribbon (6 kills with an assault rifle in a round);
  2. 2 Kill Assist ribbons (a single ribbon requires you to get 5 kill assists, which means, you have to get at least 10 kill assists for the assignment requirement);
  3. get 10 kills inside the Metro, which means that kills gotten in the outside area will not count.

Note that assignments #2 and #3 must be done in the same round! Requirement #1 can be completed either along with #2 and #3 or before on a different map. I suggest going for all assignments in the same round because the Assault Rifle ribbon will come naturally when going for 10 kills. It’s important to know that if you complete requirements #2 and #3 without having completed #1, the assignment will not unlock.

I suggest playing Capture The Flag game-mode for this assignment because it takes place solely inside the Metro (bar the RU spawn which is outside) so all kills will count towards requirement #3. Furthermore, CTF games tend to last longer (unless the teams are ridiculously unbalanced) and are more chaotic which is handy when going for kill assists.

Start by going for 10 kills with an Assault rifle that way completing Requirements #1 and #3. After getting the kills comes the hard part – getting 2 kill assist ribbons. In order to get a kill assist you must injure an enemy player up to 74% (assist counts as a kill starting from 75% of damage) and a teammate has to finish the enemy off. This was one of the most frustrating assignments so I highly suggest handicapping yourself when going for the kill-assist. Just stick with teammates/squad-mates (preferably with those who aren’t blind goats and know how to shoot a gun) and either hip-fire or use semi-automatic mode in gun-fights. Originally, I assumed that kill-assists would come naturally but eventually realized that getting 10 kill assists is one of the most dumb and frustrating assignment requirements in the entire game.

Reward: F2000 (Assault Rifle)

Assignment 4 – Co-pilot

An easy assignment that can be done on any map and in a course of multiple multiplayer matches. All you have to do is spend a total of 10 minutes in helicopters and get 10 squad repair bonuses. For squad repairs a neat trick you can use is to repair your own vehicle. For example, spawn in a buggy, transport or scout helicopter, purposefully damage it by crashing into a rock/wall/ground, etc., switch to 3rd seat and repair your own vehicle. You have to be in a squad for the bonus. Naturally, it's easier just to fix your other squad-mate vehicles but if you’re impatient and your squad-mates aren’t using any vehicles, the trick may come in handy.

Reward: AS VAL (PDW)

Assignment 5 – Dust Devil

Map specific: Gulf of Oman

For this assignment you have to get an Anti-Vehicle ribbon and destroy 5 vehicles in Gulf of Oman. Because the ribbon requires destroying only 2 vehicles, you'll get it naturally while going for the other requirement. This assignment is a piece of cake as there are many vehicles on Gulf of Oman at your disposal. Just drive around in a tank/LAV, be either an engineer or support and go for enemy vehicles. If you’re a good pilot, you can use air vehicles as well. You don’t have to stick to a single strategy; all that matters is that you get 5 vehicle destroyed bonuses.

Reward: M60-E4 (LMG)

Assignment 6 - Eagle’s Nest

Map Specific: Caspian Border/Operation Firestorm only

Arguably the hardest assignment in entire DLC. For this one you have to get a Sniper Rifle Ribbon (get 6 kills with sniper rifles in a round) and kill 5 enemies from the tall towers located in Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm. Technically you don’t have get those 5 kills from the tower with a sniper rifle so, in theory, you could get those kills with something like a SRAW and then get a sniper rifle ribbon by simply running around. I do not suggest this strategy though, solely for the reason that round will most likely end before you manage to complete both requirements. The best strategy to use is to find a pick-up sniper rifle (the over-powered ones that kill people in a single body shot) then snipe people from the towers. Because it's an almost guaranteed OHK, you won't have to worry about going for headshots. There’s a pick-up sniper rifle on the Caspian Tower, there are also other snipers located on flags.

When it comes to map, I'd recommend Firestorm over Caspian. Unless you have a dedicated buddy that will stop people from destroying the Caspian Border’s tower, you might as well not bother. Under the Caspian tower there’s a laptop, when you press next to it, it will activate tower’s self-destruct mechanism which will start to count down and upon the timer reaching zero, the tower will get destroyed. You can tell that the self-destruct mechanism is activated by the sound of sirens. Rather than enemies being the main problem, the most frustrating part about this assignment was dealing with teammates, trying to destroy the tower for absolutely no reason. A good thing to know is that when the other faction captures the flag with tower, timer will reset. The only thing to worry about on Firestorm's tower is the burn-off which isn’t a big deal because it only burns the platform at the very top. Just chill on platforms below as there’s no other disadvantage to Firestorm's tower besides enemies trying to climb up it and visit you so bring claymores with you.

Reward: GOL Magnum (Sniper Rifle)

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Silver Assignments

Assignment 7 – Air Mail

Game-mode specific: Capture The Flag

Note that you must first complete Co-Pilot assignment in order to unlock this one. You can only do this assignment in Capture The Flag game-mode and you must be the chopper pilot in order to complete the assignment. Interesting is that the teammate whom I had picked up and transported back to our base, died before scoring, however, a different teammate picked up the dropped flag and scored which then counted towards my assignment completion. Due to the buggy nature of the game and assignments, I'm unsure whether it’s supposed to work that way or not. Feedback appreciated.

Reward: DPM6 (Camouflage)

Assignment 8 - Scorched

Map Specific: Operation Firestorm only

For this assignment you have to kill an enemy using the tower burnoff in Operation Firestorm. You activate it by pressing a button (by pressing ) located at the very bottom of the tower and flames kill anyone located at the very top platform.

Honestly, I had to boost this simply because I couldn’t find a single enemy dumb enough to sit on the top platform when there are multiple other platforms right under it without any disadvantages what so ever. After you’ve activated the burnoff button, it will actually take several seconds for flames to shoot out and the tower will have sirens and warning lights going off, giving enough time to any person with common sense to bail from the top platform. On top of that, it takes several (about 3) hits to kill an enemy with the flames.

Reward: Extra Crispy Dog Tag

Assignment 9 – Re-Mastered

A very easy assignments by itself as you only need to get 25 kills with each Second Assault DLC gun. If you want to hasten the assignment, you can join either TDM or Domination server as they’re more gun-fight focued game-modes. The hard part is unlocking all of the guns. For that, refer to other assignments in this guide.

Reward: Trade Master Dog Tag

Assignment 10 – Perfect Landing

Map specific: Caspian Border/Operation Border

For this assignment, you have to spend total of 10 hours playing on Second Assault maps and then get a kill-streak of 10 and land on the top of either of Caspian/Firestorm towers (See Post #1 if you’re unsure of the tower locations).

Requirements #2 and #3 must be the in the same round! Based on experience with other assignments, I highly suggest only attempting going for #2 and #3 after you’ve completed Requirement #1.

Originally Posted by snoogans777
It would be wise to land on tower first, then get kill streak. If you die after landing - it’s ok, you can still get kill-streak.

You can do 10 kill streak first and then land on tower BUT you need to stay alive and either get back to your spawn area to get a helicopter or have someone pick you up (way too risky).
**Exploit** For landing on the tower part, there is an exploit you can use. Rather than parachuting and landing on the top of tower yourself, simply spawn as Recon with MAV equipped. Land the MAV on the top of tower and it will count towards the assignment (thanks to Superkiwi for the tip).

For kill-streaks I advise using tanks, it also helps to have a reliable gunner who is an engineer with repair torch. Take out enemies from distance, flank and don’t risk running in the middle of flags. Naturally you can use other vehicles of your choice or even go infantry but tanks should be your safest bet.

Personally, I'd recommend doing this assignment on Operation Firestorm because unlike Caspian's tower, Firestorm’s tower can't be destroyed. As everything else in the game, this assignment is a bit finicky/buggy, particularly, the landing on a tower bit. I landed on Firestorm's tower and had a friend pick me up with a tank. After getting a kill-streak of 12 (2 kills above the requirements), the assignment still wasn’t popping up so I drove back to base for a chopper and landed on the tower again. Only then the assignment counted.

The game is very inconstant when it comes to the tower bit. You don't necessarily have to land at the very top platform, but as I said, the game sometime doesn't recognize the tower landing for no obvious reasons. Note that, if Caspian's Tower gets destroyed – landing on the top of the ruined tower will not count.

Reward: Jump Master Dog Tag

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