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In this Moodle Q&A post, Elon faculty ask how their students can stop receiving an email every time someone posts in a forum. We also cover how to give a student a chance to resubmit a file after they’ve submitted something.

In a previous post, we walked through enrolling yourself in your course as a student to experience Moodle from a student perspective. Now, we’ll cover how to remove yourself as a student from the course.

In this post, we answer questions about:

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Emails from a forum

Q. My students are getting emails whenever anyone posts to a forum. Can they turn that off?

A. Yes, they can choose whether or not to receive emails from a forum. When they post a reply in a forum, they will see a box that says: “Subscription”. This is where they can choose to receive emails from the forum. They need to select a choice each time they post a reply in a forum. See the screenshot below.

If students have already posted a reply and they want to stop receiving the emails, they can unsubscribe from it.  Once in the forum, look in the upper-left column and click on “Unsubscribe from this forum.”

Please note: Faculty members have an option to require all students to subscribe to a forum. If this is activated in the forum settings, only the instructor can change this setting and stop the emails.

Resubmit an assignment file

Q: How do I delete a submitted assignment so the student can resubmit a file, i.e. give them another chance to submit a file?

A: The answer to this question depends on how you created the assignment. If you created the assignment with “Advanced upload a file” then yes, you can reject any single student’s submission and allow them to submit a new file (see the directions below). If you created the assignment using “Upload a file,” the only way to do this is to edit the assignment settings to Allow students to resubmit. This will allow ALL students to resubmit a file. For this, and other reasons we recommend using “Advanced upload a file” for all assignments where students upload files.

Directions to allow a student to resubmit a file using Advanced upload a file

To do this, click “Grade” on the student’s submission,

and then click on “Revert to draft.” This will allow the students to delete that document and upload a new one.

Learn how to create an Advanced upload a file assignment and how to grade an advanced upload a file assignment.

Remove yourself from the gradebook

Q: Why am I in the grade book for my course?  How do I remove myself from the grade book?

You are in the grade book because you are enrolled in your course as a student, in addition to the teacher. So, when you change “roles” to a student, you can experience your Moodle course exactly as a student. This is helpful if you want to submit assignments, receive feedback and view the grade book like a student would experience it.  More information on acting like a student.

To remove yourself as a student,

  1. Go to: Course Administration/Users/Enrolled Users.
  2. Find your name and click on the small, black “x” next to “Student.” That’s it. See the screenshot below.

Image by Flickr user FrozenCapybara / Creative Commons licensed BY-NC-SA 2.0

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In the world of Internet browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) is the black sheep of the family. Despite Microsoft’s attempts to modernize the browser, it still suffers from several flaws in how it displays webpages, which causes many irregularities in Moodle. So, the best use of IE may be to download another browser.

Michael Vaughn, Instructional Technologist for Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT), said about 75 percent of the browser-related issues faculty, staff, and students experience in Moodle can be avoided or resolved if users switch Internet browsers.

“People don’t always think to switch browsers because they assume that if they can do something in one browser, they can do it in all browsers, and that’s just not true,” he said.

For example, unlike Firefox or Google Chrome, Internet Explorer doesn’t allow faculty, staff, or students to utilize Moodle’s drag-and-drop function to upload files. The browser sometimes displays course content improperly, and it may not display YouTube videos at all. Internet Explorer can also prevent faculty and staff from changing the point values of questions on quizzes, and faculty can’t use the QuickGrading feature on Assignments if they’re in IE.

MORE: Read about Moodle’s drag-and-drop function here.

By using other Internet browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, you can have a much smoother experience in Moodle. To avoid major technical frustrations, try to avoid using Internet Explorer at all costs.

Image by Flickr user Sean MacEntee / Creative Commons licensed BY-CC 2.0

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